Advanced RT Gen (prerelease)

ARTGen 0.1a

Currently the fastest rainbow table generator (with a near even distribution of passwords). Sorry it's windows only and may not even run. It works on a GTS 450. For md5_mixalpha-numeric#1-9_10000 I got 273 MLinks/second and adding three CPU worker threads on a 2.5GHz Q9300 it increased to 301 MLinks/second. With four CPU threads it is actually slower. Lowering the CPU worker threads' priority should fix that. The GPU code does not do hybrid yet. I didn't fully test hybrid and hybrid3 on the CPU side but they did work at one time. The OpenCL version is going to be more or less a copy and paste job.

artgen.exe file-format hash redux key-space real-chain-length table-index chains first-start-point output-directory file-name-comment [threads [gpu-device-num [...]]]

artgen.exe rt md5 div mixalpha-numeric#1-9 0 9999 100000 0 . awesome 2 0
This will generate a file called ".\md5_mixalpha-numeric#1-9_10000x100000_awesome_000.rt" with 2 CPU threads and using CUDA device 0.

Since I was talking about the near even distribution of passwords with the RCrack method, I should probably explain it. The distribution of passwords using the RCrack method is very easy to calculate since it's just 64 bits of the hash modulus by the key space. In the case of mixalpha-numeric#1-9 you take two to the power of 64 divided by the key space (2 ^ 53.61). This comes out to be 1,340.7033. So the first 70.33% of passwords from the key space will have a chance of 1,341 / 2 ^ 64 vs 1,340 / 2 ^ 64 for all the others. This gets worse as you get closer to 2 ^ 64, but whenever you are at or near 2 ^ n this disappears.

If you need this or well any other code on my web site under a different license just email me. Such as to be used in a closed source application. It will be cheaper to buy a license than to pay someone to code it.