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I guess I'll need to figure out this Bitcoin thing... So my conclusion about Bitcoin is it's a pyramid scheme that's coming to an end. I'll accept Zcash once that launches. Until around 2024 then I'll accept its replacement. That will hopefully be a cryptocurrency with a fixed percentage money supply increase per year after the initial mining ("inflationary"). I'm thinking: start at 100 coins/block, aim for 5 minutes/block, and every 105k blocks set coins/block to maximum of 92.5% the previous coins/block and 0.5% of total coins / 105k blocks.


DateAmountNameMore than likely the reason they donated
February 12th, 2014$5.00Anonymous?
December 5th, 2013$200.00Nadim KobeissiFor curve25519 bug fix
November 7th, 2013$25.00AnonymousFor Parse Adobe
August 19th, 2013$100.00Michele PreziusoFor finding another bug in Cryptocat's group chat.
July 20th, 2013$25.00Andrew Righter"Because I think you are an awesome dude, wish I had more cash!"
July 11th, 2013$120.00Nadim KobeissiFor DecrypoCat DSA/ECDSA
July 4th, 2013$250.00Nadim KobeissiFor DecrypoCat ECDH and bias toward zero
January 27th, 2013$200.00Musicò ClaudioFor Megacracker
January 24th, 2012$10.24Anonymous?
October 28th, 2011$10.00Culetu VladFor RevXSHA1


Digital Ocean - Get $10 in account credits. I've been using them January 2014 and they're awesome. As low as $5/month and hourly rates (You are charged at the hourly rates until you hit the calendar monthly rate which happens after about 28 days). This is the current case as of November 2014.
Home of Poi - 5% discount on fire and glow toys (also everything else they sell).