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I guess I'll need to figure out this Bitcoin thing... So my conclusion about Bitcoin is it's a pyramid scheme that's coming to an end. I'll accept Zcash once that launches. Until around 2024 then I'll accept its replacement. That will hopefully be a cryptocurrency with a fixed percentage money supply increase per year after the initial mining ("inflationary"). I'm thinking: start at 100 coins/block, aim for 5 minutes/block, and every 105k blocks set coins/block to maximum of 92.5% the previous coins/block and 0.5% of total coins / 105k blocks.


DateAmountNameMore than likely the reason they donated
February 12th, 2014$5.00Anonymous?
December 5th, 2013$200.00Nadim KobeissiFor curve25519 bug fix
November 7th, 2013$25.00AnonymousFor Parse Adobe
August 19th, 2013$100.00Michele PreziusoFor finding another bug in Cryptocat's group chat.
July 20th, 2013$25.00Andrew Righter"Because I think you are an awesome dude, wish I had more cash!"
July 11th, 2013$120.00Nadim KobeissiFor DecrypoCat DSA/ECDSA
July 4th, 2013$250.00Nadim KobeissiFor DecrypoCat ECDH and bias toward zero
January 27th, 2013$200.00Musicò ClaudioFor Megacracker
January 24th, 2012$10.24Anonymous?
October 28th, 2011$10.00Culetu VladFor RevXSHA1