Custom Search Creator

Create a custom search engine/search provider for FireFox, Chrome, IE, etc.
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AddSearchProvider() has been deprecated and this likely won't do anything.

If you use Brave or Chrome you can go to chrome://settings/searchEngines (note this link can't be clicked, you literally need to copy/paste it into a new tab because security) and with FireFox you can find one here but you won't know what it does and you can not edit it... So use at your own risk. Wait FireFox removed that now you have to install an extension and I guess extensions can add search providers at will. Wow this is super fucked up. Just use Brave then disable all of the cryptocurrency spam on the new tab page then again whenever a new scam pays to be on the new tab page.

If you get an error it's probably because there is already a search engine/search provider with the same short name. FireFox is really bad with this error because of the long URL.