Convert a SHA1 hash to MySQLSHA1 hash

SHA1 Hashes:
MySQLSHA1 Hashes:


MySQLSHA1 is a double binary SHA1 hash. '*' . strtoupper(sha1(sha1($password, true))) to be exact. This converts your hex SHA1 hashes to binary then SHA1s them. If you don't have a valid SHA1 hash you will not have a valid MySQLSHA1. This is useful if you have a SHA1 hash and use rcrack with MySQLSHA1 rainbow tables. Otherwise this is pointless. Also you should note that rcrack does not support these rainbow table formats. So you'll need to download rti2rto to convert them.

Apparently rcrack is dumb and requires you to remove the *. Once that is done no one can tell what kind of hash it is, but if it's in uppercase it usually means someone dumb removed the *. If it's lowercase and no * I would lean towards it being SHA1. This is like removing $1$ from a hash.