Reverse XSHA1 to 0-16 Characters - Tue, 25 Oct 2011 04:59:15 UTC
Reverse XSHA1 to 0-16 characters in one second. I'll remove the rate limit once the SSE2 version is done. Hoping for 30 ms (+40 ms to launch a program). I need to find out how to make a PHP plugin.

10.8 seconds for 0-20 characters.
Guessing about an hour for 0-24 characters.
RT Benchmark (Now compiles with GCC 4.6.1) - Fri, 30 Sep 2011 00:16:01 UTC
RT benchmark

Took like 16 hours to compile GCC 4.6.1. I found another compiler bug this time in GCC, "static list<listHash*> s_hashes" didn't get initialized before hash classes started calling registerHash(). Hmmm "listHash" is probably the worst name I used it should really be "hashInfo". Anyway I got the benchmark to compile in GCC. Apparently GCC is better at optimizing the reduction function (9.5 - 10 MReduxes/s vs 7.4 - 8 MReduxes/s). Also hashing algorithms got a speed increase except SHA1 and MySQLSHA1, but overall links/second is higher in all cases.
RT Benchmark - Wed, 28 Sep 2011 04:09:55 UTC
RT benchmark

Core2Quad Q9300 2.5 GHz (one 32 bit thread):
Auto selects scalar, SSE2, SSSE3 (only for SHA1), AVX, or AVX_XOP.
Core2Quad Q9300 2.5 GHz (one 32 bit thread):
Cisco              5.64 MLinks/sec  7.48 MReduxes/sec  25.30 MHashes/sec [3xSSE2]
MD5                5.65 MLinks/sec  7.35 MReduxes/sec  26.13 MHashes/sec [3xSSE2]
Double Binary MD5  4.57 MLinks/sec  7.36 MReduxes/sec  12.95 MHashes/sec [3xSSE2]
Double MD5         4.54 MLinks/sec  7.40 MReduxes/sec  12.22 MHashes/sec [3xSSE2]
MD4/NTLM           6.07 MLinks/sec  7.40 MReduxes/sec  39.63 MHashes/sec [4xSSE2]
SHA1               4.54 MLinks/sec  8.00 MReduxes/sec  12.79 MHashes/sec [1xSSSE3]
MySQLSHA1/MySQL5   3.34 MLinks/sec  7.92 MReduxes/sec   6.35 MHashes/sec [1xSSSE3]
There's a simple speed up by just commenting out code in keyspace.cpp for ((m_charaterEncoding & (CE_UTF16_LE | CE_UTF16_BE)) != 0) and ((m_charaterEncoding & (CE_UTF32_LE | CE_UTF32_BE)) != 0) but then NTLM will break. Next update will have a few changes for speeding up the reduction function such as three classes keyspace8, keyspace16, and keyspace32. Also needs variable length character support for UTF-8 and UTF-16. The key space used for benchmarking is loweralpha#1-7. This code can use key spaces such as Omni-6.
Hash Benchmark :( I don't have AVX - Thu, 22 Sep 2011 20:48:50 UTC
Hash benchmark
These are all full hash functions for use with RTs and LHTs.

Core2Quad Q9300 2.5 GHz (one 32 bit thread):
Auto selects scalar, SSE2, SSSE3 (only for SHA1), AVX, or AVX_XOP.
                                               (WinRTGen speed info)
Cisco              [3xSSE2]  25.26 MHashes/sec (5.46x; 4.628 MHashes/sec)
MD5                [3xSSE2]  26.14 MHashes/sec (4.65x; 5.618 MHashes/sec)
Double Binary MD5  [3xSSE2]  12.90 MHashes/sec
Double MD5         [3xSSE2]  12.29 MHashes/sec
MD4/NTLM           [4xSSE2]  39.60 MHashes/sec (5.94x/10.88x; 6.667 MHashes/sec/3.641 MHashes/sec)
SHA1               [1xSSSE3] 12.82 MHashes/sec (5.38x; 2.383 MHashes/sec)
MySQLSHA1/MySQL5   [1xSSSE3]  6.37 MHashes/sec (3.52x; 1.810 MHashes/sec)
This is 3.52x to 10.88x (average 5.97x) faster than WinRTGen's hash speed. This is a little misleading since there's the reduction function. Hopefully it will have a link speed that is at least 2 times faster.
MD5 cracker back online - Thu, 26 May 2011 20:55:13 UTC
Sorry, I took it down for a week because I was out of town.
MD5 Cracker is Live - Sat, 16 Apr 2011 03:53:41 UTC
I wanted to posting something today but didn't get it done. So I'll release this. MD5 Cracker
MySQL323 Collider 1.1 (for real this time) - Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:26:47 UTC
MySQL323 Collider 1.1 is out. Sorry I was running out the door while trying to get 1.1 out and forgot to upload the new zip file.
MySQL323 Collider 1.1 - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 18:36:48 UTC
MySQL323 Collider 1.1 is out
Bugs - Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:27:24 UTC
Fixed a glitch with Advanced RT Calculator. I used a JS packer which caused an error. Also I noticed that the MySQL Collider has problems with a set of hashes see here for more info.
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